Causes of obesity

When the intake of calories through the food one person eats is greater than the calories burnt through his activities, the excess calories remaining are converted to fat and the person starts to gain weight. Causes of obesity can be a combination of factors which are described below.
Pregnancy: Naturally women gain weight during pregnancy. But some women find it difficult to lose the weight after the baby is born.
Medical problems: At times obesity is caused as a result of some diseases like Crushing’s syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome etc. Diseases like arthritis leads to decreased activity leading to increase in weight.
Inactivity: Persons who are lazy and not engaging in any activity are more prone to obesity.
Dietary habits: People who regularly eat fast foods, confectionaries, meat, egg etc are more likely to be obese.
Lack of sleep: Lack of sleep can change your hormone levels. This may lead to craving for food that are high in calorie value and carbohydrates which may contribute to increase in weight.
In addition to the above, obesity is usually caused as a result of a combination of contributing factors which include the following.
Genetics: Genes are found to have a profound role in deciding the amount of fat your body stores and distributing that fat to different parts of the body. Genetics also plays a vital role in converting food into energy and in burning calories in activities like exercises.
Family lifestyle: Obesity runs in families. Family members usually have the same eating habits. If either or both of your parents are obese there is every possibility that you will also become obese.
Age: Obesity is not an age dependant condition. But as a person ages, is activity level decreases, paving way for obesity. The decrease in muscular tissues in older ages changes the metabolism and decreases the need for more calories.
Social and economic conditions: There are some social and economic conditions that may lead to obesity. This includes improper practices followed in cooking, lack of money for buying healthy food, and the company of people in which you spend time. A person who has close friends and relatives who are obese are more likely to become obese.