Chronic PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)

Pelvic inflammatory disease is a medical term referred to indicate the inflammation caused to the ovaries, fallopian tubes and the uterus. Inflammation of the above organs is usually accompanied by the formation scar tissues which eventually lead to adhesions. Untreated sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and infection caused by bacteria in the uterus and nearby organs is the root cause for the formation of pelvic inflammatory diseases. Having more than one sex partner and unrestrained sexual activity are the major causes for the formation of pelvic inflammatory diseases.


Pelvic inflammatory disease is generally considered as asymptotic. However the minor symptoms accompanying pelvic inflammatory disease include fever, vomiting and nausea. Pain in the abdomen which becomes unbearable at the time of sexual intercourse is another common symptom of pelvic inflammatory disease. Yellowish or greenish vaginal discharge is also a common symptom of pelvic inflammatory disease.


If anybody experiences the above symptoms she has to meet a physician immediately. He will study your medical history, the symptoms shown by you and will conduct a physical examination which will be enough for him to arrive at preliminary diagnosis. Your doctor will conduct STD test, pregnancy test, urinary tract infection test etc. If necessary he may also conduct ultrasound test by which he can get pictures of the pelvic area. endometrial biopsy is a test in which a small piece of endometrium is subjected to diagnostic tests. Laparoscopic diagnosis is another procedure in which the pelvic area is examined with the help of a laparoscope which is an instrument used to explore the internal organs with the help of small incisions. These tests will be able to give him a clear idea about whether you are having pelvic inflammatory disease or other diseases that show the symptoms of PIDs.

Treatment options

Use of antibiotics has been found to be very effective in curing pelvic inflammatory diseases. Most often a combination of two antibiotics is prescribed by physicians as this has been found to work well against a wide range of bacteria. Even if you feel that no symptoms are remaining you have to continue medication to make sure that the infection is completely cured. You should also meet the doctor periodically to confirm that the antibiotics are working properly.
If not treated properly pelvic inflammatory diseases can lead to serious complications like ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

How to prevent PID?

Complete prevention of PIV is possible only by avoiding any sexual intercourse or having sex with only one partner who is having no STD. Use of condoms while you are having vaginal, anal or oral sex is also another feasible method to prevent the infection of PIV.
STDs are very harmful diseases and if you have any suspicion about its infection inform your doctor immediately so that spreading of this dangerous disease can be prevented. Inform your marriage partner also immediately so that he can be careful in his sexual interaction and this can prevent the spreading of this dreaded disease.