Gynec Laproscopy

We at Punya,have laparoscopic services.We use laparoscopy technique in managing gynecologic conditions,which is known as Gynecologic laparoscopy.Unlike traditional open surgery,laparoscopy is minimally invasive and have comparatively very low risk.The incisions are very small and chance of bleeding is very minimal.

This laparoscopy can be used as a diagnostic method or treatment procedure.In procedures of laparoscopy very tiny incisions are made in the patient’s body.Through that, a slender camera and other tiny apparatus are inserted to have a detailed view of internal organs and body parts.So that our surgeon could operate the person by examining the imaging device.The laparoscopic application in Gynecology deals with management of problems associated with pelvic area and abdominal regions,especially the problems that affects women.

The Gynecologic laparoscopy is employed by panel of our experts in :

  • Repair of Fallopian tube or uterus
  • Hernia management
  • Uterus removal
  • Fibroid and cyst removal
  • Sterilization process
  • Scar tissue discomforts
  • Complicated pregnancy conditions
  • Pelvic pus conditions
  • Inflammatory conditions in pelvis
  • Blockage of blood flows
  • Prolapse conditions
  • Procedures to reverse fertility
  • Management of Gynecologic tumors&cancers

Gynecologic laparoscopy is an advanced procedure which is more convenient and effective than traditional surgery.What makes it preferable for patients are:

  • Very low risk
  • Small incisions
  • Less pain
  • Less time consuming procedures
  • Less chance of trauma to body
  • Very minimal bleeding
  • Shorter recovery time and faster sync to daily routine
  • An alternative to complicated open surgery

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Meet Our Expert

Dr.Punyavathi C Nagaraj

Dr. Punyavathi C Nagaraj

Dr.Punyavathi C. Nagaraj, Consultant Laparoscopic Gynaecologist in our institute,and also has keen interests in laparoscopic radical hysterectomy, laparoscopic sling surgeries, and laparoscopic myomectomy.

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