Do You Have A Painful Bulge in Your Stomach

The weakness of the muscle caused by the incision made in any previous surgeries. In Incisional Hernia either the peritoneum or abdominal cavity is pushed through.

During some surgery, incisions would have been made in the abdominal muscles and that muscle failed to heal even after the surgery. While doing the activities as the muscles tighten and release a gap is opened up. The underneath tissues find there is an escaping route through the muscle and they start poking through the opening.

Hernia Treatment

Who are at the Incisional hernia risk?

Generally, pregnant women and obese person, those who underwent several abdominal surgeries have increased the risk of incisional hernia formation. A patient, who gains weight after an abdominal surgery, becomes pregnant or participating in abdominal pressure increasing activities such as heavy lifting might be at the higher risks of exposing to an incisional hernia. After a surgery, if the wound is not completely healed, the incision hernia occurs within 3-6 months.

Laparoscopic Incisional Hernia Surgery

Incisional hernia surgery can be performed either in a traditional way or by the laparoscopic method. But both are done under general anesthesia as an inpatient procedure. The traditional surgical procedure is done with open incision which is larger whereas the laparoscopic procedure is done through small incisions. This surgery is performed by a general or colon-rectal surgeon.

An incision is made on either side of a hernia. One incision is inserted with a laparoscope and other surgical instruments are inserted through other incisions. A pushing portion of the abdominal lining is isolated which is called hernia sac. Then the hernia sac it properly positioned in its place, then the muscle defect is repaired. If the muscle defect is small it might be sutured. When the suture is not adequate in large muscle defects a mesh graft is used to enclose the hole. It is a permanent mesh that prevents the relapse of hernia even though the defect remains opened.

The following activities should be restricted in the post-operative period for few weeks.

  • Coughing, sneezing, vomiting
  • It is not good to tight the bowel in the case of constipation. The doctor will put up the patient in laxatives to ease the defecation
  • Lifting heavy objects

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