Going Through A High-Risk Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is filled with the mix of intense emotions like excitement, fear, doubt or love. Every woman takes a special care at the time of pregnancy but ladies who face high-risk pregnancies should take extra special care at this time.
A high-risk pregnancy is a medical condition in pregnant women that permit their chances of normal delivery and have provided chances of preterm delivery. A female and her baby health are on the high alert in high-risk pregnancy.


When is high-risk pregnancy considered?

A high-risk pregnancy is considered when a woman is

· Above 35-year-old

· Below 17 years old

· Overweight or underweight

· Is pregnant with twins, triplets or multiples

· Suffering with diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other health problem

· Have problems in the previous pregnancy

· Birth defects

· Genetic problems

· Using alcohol. Smoking or drugs

What are the risk factors for the high-risk pregnancy?


The risk factors include

· Age of the female

· Certain medical conditions such as diabetes, heart condition

· Pregnancy-associated risks such as premature labor, fatal problems, placenta previa

· Possibility of having minor or major structural problems in development process

What is recommended for the high-risk pregnancy?

It is very important to follow the doctor instruction to control any kind of health problem. If the female pregnancy is considered a high-risk pregnancy, it is recommended

· To visit doctor regularly throughout pregnancy for prenatal care

· Eat a healthy diet

· Exercise if required

· Protect from infections

· Reduce stress

· Live a happy life

· Daily intake of folic acid

· Getting proper immunization

· Maintaining a proper weight

· Regular physical activities

· Avoiding alcohol, and smoking

Who is the best for attending high-risk pregnancy?

A maternal-fetal medicine specialist or perinatologist is best for attending high-risk pregnancy. They got special training to treat patients with the high-risk pregnancy. These specialists will help doctors to deliver a positive outcome of the patient pregnancy.

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