Missing Foreign Body Removal

Foreign bodies may get entrapped in vagina accidently or as part of their dress or due to other suppositories. Foreign bodies in the vagina of the children can be fibrous clothing material, or some other material placed there as part of self exploration and in grownups these can be either tampons or broken parts of condoms or vaginal suppositories. Small objects remaining inside the vagina usually do not cause any appreciable pain. But objects larger than the diameter of the vagina may cause severe pain and incovenience.
Existence of a foreign material in the vagina can be felt by the person by inadvertently because of the altered mental state. Psychiatric conditions associated with such state of mind can be considered as like that associated with alcohol, schizophrenia, dementia etc. Caustic substances entrapped inside the vagina may result in chemical burning of the tissues and altered vaginal dimensions.


  1. Slight bleeding from the vagina
  2. Foul smelling vaginal discharge of yellow, pink or brown color.
  3. Skin irritation caused by vaginal discharge
  4. Discomfort during urination
  5. Pelvic or abdominal pain
  6. Swelling of the vagina and rashes in the vaginal area

Foreign bodies left in the vagina usually do not cause any serious complications. But there are medical reports showing the formation of pelvic abscess leading to scaring.


Vaginal foreign bodies are more commonly seen in children than in adolescents or adult women. Most of them may not be able to explain the circumstances which lead to it. Health care providers start investigation by evaluating the symptoms and medical history. Existence of foreign body in the vagina for prolonged periods may cause the erosion of vaginal wall. It may lead to perforations of the vaginal wall and intra-abdominal infection. Imaging techniques like X-ray, MRI scan and ultrasonography etc can also reveal the exact position of the foreign body
Foreign Body Removal
Irrigation with warm water will be enough to remove smaller foreign bodies from the vagina. Visualization of the foreign body with the help of a speculum will be helpful and forceps can be used to remove foreign bodies so indentified. In addition to the inspection of vaginal area, the rectum will also be inspected to find out the exact location of the foreign body. In some cases the foreign bodies are removed as an outpatient procedure under sedation. When the foreign bodies are larger and causing much discomfort, anesthesia will be administered and they will be removed in the operation theater. This will help the surgeon to get a clearer view of the private area as some women may be unwilling to cooperate with the procedure in his office room. These are complicated procedures and are always accompanied by antibiotic or prophylactic medications.

After care

Symptoms like vaginal discharge, foul odor, bleeding, discomfort in urination etc may continue for a few days or weeks after the removal of foreign body from vagina. Hence it is necessary that repeated evaluation by a health care professional may be carried out during this period. If the patient was having secondary complications in the bladder, pelvis etc they may require subsequent testing to assess healing and to ascertain the present stage of the secondary complications.