Punya Hospital have the special stream of new born baby care called Neonatology. Through that we caters the special need of attentions in new born babies and premature infants. Sometimes there is will be by-birth or inborn complications in new born babies. There would be chance of some acquired conditions from parents. There are some problem that could originate from fetal to neonatal stage. That’s why we have a pool of experts to deal with these neonatal complications. Certain conditions are easily curable, but there are other conditions where complications can be life threatening. In order to tackle such conditions we need well-integrated care.

Some of the common problematic conditions seen are:

  • Respiration related conditions
  • Inborn body deformities
  • Stomach and intestine related concerns
  • Deficiency in growth function and activities of kidney
  • Heart diseases
  • Genetic and hereditary problems
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Blood and fluids related problems
  • Infections

The objective of the neonatal team is to ensure the health conditions by providing proper aids. The normal condition can be achieved through proper clinical intervention. For that we have proper diagnosis methods and rehabilitation procedures. For dealing with critical conditions and extreme complications we have special neonatal intensive care units and surgeries. We provide immediate and responsive care by our qualified professionals who are always ready-to-action.