In Punya Hospital, we have top-class facilities to manage Nephrology related problems. We have highly skilled experts and passionate team who could facilitate better solutions for you. The objective is to diagnose, control and treat conditions in a very comprehensive manner. The problems or inefficiency of kidney and other filtration related body organs are the core concerns managed in the treatment procedures. Some of the common problems or resolutions deal with our Nephrology department are:

  • Kidney stones
  • Critical conditions of Kidney failure
  • Renal problems
  • Urine-blood-protein related problems
  • Acidic-base nature of urine, concentration of electrolytes
  • Diabetes related kidney disorders
  • Hereditary Kidney problems
  • Pregnancy related kidney disorders
  • Glomerular complications
  • Multiple-organ dysfunctions
  • Nephron related problems
  • Auto-immune problems
  • Pediatric problems associated with kidney
  • Kidney transplant procedures
  • Anti-Poison Measures
  • Dialysis
  • Cancer management

We are committed to deliver holistic patient care and better outcomes for our patients. Our interest in patient education and guidance have gifted us with goodwill and reputation. We are happy that our patients could regain their normal routine without any hindrance from health concerns. We ensure minimum down time and faster recovery by timely interventions.