Obesity – Alternative medications and support

There are numerous alternative medications available for treating obesity other than the conventional options of life style and dieting habit changes, exercising and surgical procedures. Numerous dietary supplements, mind body therapies like acupuncture, meditation, yoga etc complements other obesity treatments.

Alternative medications

Herbal remedies, minerals, vitamins etc are considered as dietary supplements. It is better you consult your health care provider before starting any such medications or therapies. All of these medications and health supplements are not marketed after rigorous testing and analysis as is done in the case of over the counter medicines. Some of these products which are marketed labeling as natural remedy may be having dangerous elements and may have drug like effect. Green tea has been marketed as a weight loss aid. But recent research has found that it has nothing to do with weight loss treatment. Similarly treatments like acupuncture and yoga are also having a good name in weight reducing techniques. But their effectiveness has not been studied scientifically. Hence it is better that you consult your health care provider before venturing into any such activities.


Along with medication and help from a health care provider the attitude of the patient and the extent to which he is able to cope up with the controls and pressures of weight reduction programs play a crucial role in the success the programs. The patient can have a detailed discussion about this aspect with his doctor. The following tips will also be useful in the endeavor of the patient to cope up with the grueling requirements of weight reductions programs.
Journal: You can maintain a journal in which the anger, pain, fear and other emotions you feel while encountering with problems in the weight reduction program can be expressed. This will give you an opening to pour out uncontrolled emotions. This will also help your physician to properly understand your problems and chart out the plan accordingly.
Connect: It is always better that you keep in contact with your neighbors, friends and relatives and avoid isolation. Try to participate in regular activities or get together in the neighborhood.
Support group: it is better that you join a support group of similar patients. This will help you to share your fears and anxieties and you will also be able to understand the problems faced by other people of the same nature and how they are coping up with the problem.
Focus on your aim: An obese person who is trying to reduce his weight should be focused on his aim. All his activities in life and his feelings, emotions and actions during this period should be aimed at a single thought of weight reduction. Try to make your mind believe that you are responsible for all your success and failures and you only can solve the problem.
Be relaxed: it is very important that a person who is trying to reduce weight should be relaxed. It is natural that he will be under severe stress as a result of the humiliation and discrimination and other physical inconveniences caused by obesity. But that being the situation, it is very important that you have to keep aloof from these distractions and be calm and relaxed. It is better that some relaxation techniques like meditation or yoga may be practiced after consulting with the doctor.