Obesity – Dietary changes

The knowledge that obesity of a person is caused by the increased intake of calories than that is needed to carry out the biological functions of the body and the everyday activity of the person is very important if a person wants to reduce his abnormal body weight and return to normalcy. The fact that calorie values of foods like milk, milk products, egg, fast food, confectionaries etc are very higher compared to calorie value of food consisting of vegetables, fruits, homemade food etc plays a key role in the weight reduction activities of obese persons.
It is always very important to target your plan at a moderate achievement over a long period of time than immediate reduction of weight within a very shorter time gap. Planning to reduce 10 % of body weight during a period of 6 months or one year will be a moderate and easily achievable aim. Counseling from your family health care provided will be highly beneficial in developing skills to control and change overeating habits caused due to depression, loneliness, boredom etc.
People, who want to have a control over the quantity and quality of food they eat, can keep a journal that will be useful in finding out the calories consumed through food every day. If you have set your goals about your calorie intakes in consultation with a physician this journal will help you very much to control your food intake as per the limits prescribed in the diet plan.
One important thing which everyone who undergo diet plan has to understand is that avoiding some food which a person likes very much is not going to help in any way. The best practice will be to take the food that one likes, but care should be taken to limit it to the level prescribed by your dietitian.
Another easy and more practical way to reduce weight by diet modification is to change to vegetarian food habits. Meatless diet of vegetarians has been found to be very good in reducing the overweight as fat content in vegetarian food is less. Deficiency in vitamin B12 is commonly found in vegetarians. This deficiency can be overcome by taking B12 supplements, if needed.
Another important aspect that has always to be kept in mind is to restrict use of confectionaries and beverages to the lowest level possible and also not to show any special attraction to way side food and fast food because they are usually store houses of calories.
Physical activity: When somebody is controlling his food habits or undergoing dietary changes to reduce the abnormal weight of his body, it is always better that he encourages physical activities like walking to his work place, engaging in gardening activities, taking part in dancing, swimming etc. Without the help and support given by increased physical activities, no person will be able to get a sustainable improvement in his weight loss efforts.