Obesity – Exercise and activity

When a person’s body mass index crosses 35 he is considered to be obese. Why obesity is caused is a common question which has been asked time and again. The answer that is medically correct and which is often quoted is that obesity occurs when the energy consumed by a person is greater than that is needed by a person, the extra energy being converted as fat which initiates the weight building process.
Importance of physical activity
From the above it is clear that if the energy intake through food can be balanced by the energy spent, then there will be no additional energy left to be converted as fat. The real life experience that almost every obese person leads a sedentary life is a fact which underlines the above statement. By leading a sedentary life, the energy they get from their daily diet are not properly used, they are actually used for biological purposes like respiration and digestion only. If they change this life style and engage in more activities like walking, swimming, dancing, sporting and gaming activities etc, not only the energy intake will be used, but energy from fat in the body will also be used and this will help to stop the increase in body weight and slowly this may lead to a reduction in body weight also.
Make realistic and practical goads: It is always better to have a more practical and realistic goal like reducing weight in small quantities through a long period. For example planning to Reduce 10 % of weight within a period of 6 months or one year is a practical and realistic goal. Only such weight loss will be permanent. If weight loss is achieved through speedy methods like fastening and over exercising this will not last longer. Once you stop the activities the weight will return again.
Discard sedentary life style: Anyone who wants to reduce his extra body weight has to come out of sluggish and sedentary life style through concerted and dedicated efforts. The best thing to do is to incorporate more activity in your daily life by walking or cycling to your workplace in the morning and evening and joining in a health center for doing some regular exercised in a bid to increase your muscle power and body shape. Aerobic exercises, swimming, dancing, gardening etc are some other interesting and engaging activities which an obese person can rely upon for reducing his weight. Help groups and communities are there which can give valuable information and keep you motivated in your weight loss programs.
Keep a record of food eaten and activities performed: It has been found to be very effective if a record is maintained by obese persons which will include the details of daily food that he is consuming and the activities that is being performed. This will help you to find out which are the factors that help in your effort to reduce your weight and which are the factors that prevent in achieving your goals. This record can be used to record and understand important parameters like blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol etc which play very crucial role obesity.