Obesity – Treatments – Non surgical

Abnormal weight of some persons is known as obesity. Generally when the body mass index (BMI) exceeds thirty that person is considered as obese. Body mass index is the ratio obtained by dividing the weight of a person expressed kilograms by the square of the height of that person expressed in meters. If the BMI of any person has increased above 30 he is in a very dangerous situation and treatment for obesity has to be started immediately.
But before undergoing any treatment for obesity it is very important that such persons gain a basic knowledge about the various factors and causes for the formation of obesity and the fact that by simply changing the way of life, eating habits and activity levels of a person a good improvement in the symptoms of obesity can be achieved.
Obesity starts taking place when the calorie value of food we eat everyday exceeds the calorie value of the energy we spend through our daily activities necessary to sustain and carry out our life plus the energy we spend in our activities like work, sporting activity, walking swimming etc. When these two energy levels are almost equal they balance each other and hence no weight gain occurs. But when the energy intake through food we eat is higher and the energy burnt in daily activities are lesser, the balance of energy that is available in our body is stored as fat in the body. This leads to the formation of excess weight.
Once you understand the importance of calorie value of food you eat and the importance of physical activity in terms of the calories burnt, you can make life style changes including the quantity and quality of the food you eat. You can also incorporate physical activities in your day to day life like walking or cycling to your office and taking part in sporting activities and games involving physical exercise. There are some online applications available which can be made use for measuring the physical activity levels and food intake parameters. This program also suggests useful tips and changes that has to be carried out in your life. With the help of such tools or with the help of self activity groups of obese persons you can improve very much and put an end to the uncontrolled increase in weight.
Medications for reducing the body weight
Most common medications used for obesity are stimulants like phentermine is which also known by its brand name ‘adipex’. Appetite is suppressed by these medications by stimulating the nervous system. But whatever weight losses you gain by using these stimulants are seen lost as soon as you stop taking the stimulants. This is an important drawback of these stimulants.
Over the counter medicine ‘dexatrim’ is commonly used by obese persons. But this medicine also has the drawback that as soon as the medicine is withdrawn, the obesity starts returning. Anti depressant medicine named ‘meridia’ is a commonly prescribed medicine which acts on the brain and gives a feeling of fullness even when a small quantity of food is eaten. Another medicine named orlisatat which is marketed as ‘xenical’ works by preventing ingestion of a portion of the fat in the food eaten.