Operation Theaters

otBeing a surgical oriented Hospital, we have a cluster of 4 Major OT’s in the OT complex of which three of them are Modular OT’s comparable to any of the best centers in the country. These are exclusively dedicated to Ortho-Neuro Surgeries Advanced Laparoscopic and other Surgeries attached with most advanced medical equipments to keep the surgical team in the most comfortable position possible and safety of patient.

The other Operation Theater is equipped with all the necessary material except the Laminar flow AC and the Modular OT modes, but still comfortable enough to perform all types of major surgeries. The 5th OT is placed next to the casualty where in we can perform all the emergency short procedures and day care procedure just to cut down the cost to the patient and as well perform more number of surgeries.

The OT design is exclusively planned and executed by us with our 12-13 years of surgical exposure in different hospitals in Bangalore and away.