We have specialized treatments for eye care. At Punya Hospital, we have dedicated team of members who deals with Opthalmology. The objective is to cater the eye related concerns of the individuals in the society.The important spheres of opthalmology deals with eye,its structure and anatomy, its functions and diseases that hinders its proper functioning.We are basically into eye care and provides corrective,remedial and relief measures.We have therapies,surgical interventions and laser technologies.The emphasize is to prevent complications,avoid dysfunctions,retain vision and preserve the natural vision.The first step in managing eye disease is to sort out the real cause from the symptoms faced by the individual.For that,we have expert opthalmologists and technicians well equipped with latest technology.We are dealing with eye-care conditions in infants, pre-teens, teens, adults and elder ones.Our hospital offers a wide range of treatments in a very comprehensive way.We have a collaborative and friendly approach that provides individual attention.The treatments are offered are:

  • Vision retention
  • Cataract treatment
  • Cornea -Retina- Eye lid -eye ball -lens management
  • Pathological disorder management
  • Eye related cancers,cysts and tumors management
  • Neurology related problem management
  • Laser treatment