Punya Hospital offers a quality oriented service in dealing with childcare. We have a well integrated pediatric department which follows a comprehensive approach. Our team of experts are highly experienced and have ample exposure. The friendly and polite service provided by our support staff gifted us with goodwill and reputation. We always ensure holistic wellness of children’s. We are happy to offer patient education, guidance and mental support to care takers or parents. Our objective is to manage child health care problem in a compassionate-result oriented method. We have both in-patient and out-patient facilities. We also have the facility to integrate neonatal care to manage infancy related disorders. We assure the health and well being of our little ones. We are comforting,providing better remedies and securing a sprouting generation. Child-friendly policies makes our Pediatric department unique. We are here to ease your stress, anxiety and unwanted tensions. Believe, as a friend,as a philosopher, we are here to help you.We have:

  • General Pediatrics
  • Pediatric neurology
  • Intestine-Stomach related Pediatrics
  • Kidney related pediatrics
  • Blood and fluid related Pediatrics

Our hospital have well integrated networks of specialized departments. So pediatricians could suggest you with best alternatives available for peculiar conditions in your child. This systematic coordination and assistance will help your child to recover from the disease at the earliest.