Poly Cystic Disease of Ovaries (PCOD)

Polycystic disease of ovaries is a major cause of infertility among women. Poly cystic ovarian syndrome is hormone problem in which number of small cysts is formed in their ovaries. These cysts can lead to serious health problem like diabetics and heart problems. Earlier diagnosis and treatment has been found to be extremely beneficial in reducing the symptoms and in preventing long term consequences.


1) Common symptoms include disturbances in menstrual cycles and an elevated level of male hormones.
2)Menstruation cycles are not associated with ovulation.
3)Acne and excess of growth o hair on face and body.
4)Hair loss in the pattern of men.
5) Obesity, elevated level of cholesterol and blood pressure.


Medical history and physical examination will be enough for preliminary diagnosis as symptoms like irregular menstruation, acne and increase in male hormones will be so noticeable. Vaginal ultra sound scan will be made use of which will show that the ovaries are enlarged which suggests the existence of PCOD. Blood level of AMH will confirm the presence of PCOD.

Treatment options

There are a number of successful treatment options for PCOD some of which can be practiced at home without any difficulty
1) Engaging in moderate or vigorous activity has been found to be extremely useful in controlling the symptoms.
2) Eating healthy food which includes vegetables, nuts, fruits, beans, whole grains etc.
3) Weight losing is a sure method for PCOD. Losing a weight of 5 kilograms has been found to be extremely useful.
4) Smokers have to quit smoking.
5) Birth control pills will be given to reduce symptoms.

Surgical procedure

Surgical procedure to remove the ovarian cysts is most effective treatment option for ovarian cysts. These surgeries are usually carried out as laparoscopic procedures. In this procedure an electric cautery is used to destroy the abnormal tissues or cysts in the ovary and the twists in the ovaries are removed and they are placed in their correct positins. Ovarian cystectomy is a surgical procedure used to remove the cysts in the ovary. Another procedure named oophorctomy is used when one of the ovaries has to be removed keeping the healthy ovary to carry on the functions of ovaries. Total hysterectomy is another procedure in which not only ovaries but the fallopian tubes and the uterus are also removed.