Our world-class physicians are greatly experienced in diagnosing and treating bone, joint and muscle conditions – from the most visible to the highly complex.

Our approach is a blend of contemporary technology, intense research and proven clinical methodologies. Our team of excellent physicians, nurses, practitioners and therapists provide the patients with personal care and attention, so as to facilitate faster recovery.

Rheumatology at Punya Hospital comprises a team work of dedicated rheumatologists, physiotherapists, orthotics and orthopaedic surgeons. Our Hospital is proud to providing unique rheumatology services under one roof.

Rheumatology Services

Rheumatology is a holistic super-speciality of internal medicine and has developed considerably in recent years with the advent of better understanding of these diseases with modern diagnostic methods and better management with novel therapeutic modalities.

Rheumatism is a nonspecific term used by lay persons for various conditions with pain or other symptoms arising from joints (including those in spine ) or related to other elements of musculoskeletal system ( i.e. muscles , tendons, ligaments, cartilage and bone). Rheumatology includes over 120 diseases wherein arthritis and joint-symptoms are commonly present.