What we are ?

For the past 11-12 years Dr.Punyavathi and Dr. Nagaraj have built their professional carrier and made this possible. Punya Hospital earlier which was a small charitable hospital and it has been the driving force to create the bond between the patient and Doctor which is not just commercial or business oriented. The Directors Dr.Punya and Dr.Nagaraj have seen the good, bad and ugly of this profession and are extremely mature presently to take it further to provide Ultra modern medical services for all- Rich, Moderate and of course the poor.

Punya hospital has a committed, caring and passion for providing quality health care service. The Lead taken by the husband and wife duo is well supported and guided by friends and well wishers who have great values of Excellence, Integrity, Service Oriented and Modest with Holistic approach.

Dr.Punya and Dr.Nagaraj have been operating in different leading Hospitals of Bangalore and have delivered excellent medical care. Creating a One Stop place for all health needs was planned and thus PUNYA HOSPITALS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED came into existence. Not being just one more hospital in the locality the institute has major plans and vision in the development of medical facilities and establishing a research center.

The hospital is carefully and strategically planned to suit the needs of both medical team and patient comfort. Punya Hospital is specially designed multispecialty hospital created by the best in the business with keen supervision from the Leading team. The Ambience and Aesthetic design will keep the patient in the best mood thus allowing earlier recovery.